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DNA relationship testing determines whether or not a particular person is biologically related to another person. The most common relationship test is DNA Paternity test that proves the biological relationship between a man and a child.
A small sample of cheek swab from a child and the alleged father is enough to confirm the identity of the father. A complete DNA picture can be obtained if a mother's DNA is also collected and tested although this is not absolutely essential for confirming or disproving the relationship.

We all inherit the DNA that we have from our biological parents, half from our mother and half from our father, which means everyone has a unique profile that can be used for identification. DNA paternity testing compares the DNA pattern from the alleged father with that of the child to look for patterns of markers that highlight this inheritance pattern. When the tests are conducted through our accredited lab, this is the most authoritative proof of a relationship that we can scientifically determine.

The results from having your DNA paternity tested are simple to understand. An "Exclusion" means it is not possible for the alleged father to be the biological parent; an "Inclusion" means the alleged father is without a doubt the biological parent. All of our accredited testing is at least 99.99% accurate in determining inclusions and exclusion.